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10 листопада 2023

Senior Data Quality Consultant (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

Project Description

The purpose of the USAID Health Reform Support (HRS) project is to support a transparent, accountable, and effective health care system that is capable of meeting the health needs of the Ukrainian people. Advancing health sector reforms, enhancing transparency, and tackling corruption will reduce out-of-pocket payments and improve access and availability of high quality, evidence-based health care services for Ukrainians. Elimination of corruption is a cross-cutting theme across all objectives to be achieved by this activity, which include:

Improve health sector governance.

Support the transformation of the healthcare financing model.

Strengthen the health workforce.

Enhance transparency, accountability, and responsiveness of the health care system.

Improve service delivery system at all levels.

Areas of Responsibility

Actively engage in consulting projects related to the assessment, development, and implementation of data management systems.

Assist in planning, developing, and coordinating data quality projects.

Identify potential risks and opportunities that may impact project implementation.

Establish data quality management processes.

Prepare documentation to data quality management, including regulations, instructions, and guidelines etc.

Develop improvement plans, prioritize, and resolve data quality issues.

Define data quality standards and metrics for ongoing enhancements.

Identify critical data elements, develop data quality rules, and create metadata.

Assisting the client in establishing global data definitions, ensuring data integrity, and conducting overall data quality monitoring and auditing in alignment with established policies.

Develop and implement system controls to guarantee data quality within complex system landscapes.

Design and configure dashboards and reporting systems for monitoring data quality within information systems.

Collaborate with IT architecture teams to provide recommendations for procedural and system controls, supported by improvements in data architecture.

Foster effective collaboration with project teams and colleagues involved.

Develop functional and technical requirements for the selection of technologies and systems to enhance data quality.

Conduct research and analyze the IT technology market, as well as solutions related to data management.

Prepare project documentation for clients.

Produce reports and regular updates on project status and outcomes.

Requirements and skills

Higher education (IT, enterprise management, business management).

Minimum of 7 years of work experience in IT, consulting experience is a plus.

Practical experience in implementing similar data quality related projects.

Technical skills in implementing data quality management tools and technologies (e.g., integrated data quality management platforms, duplicate detection tools, data cleansing systems, automated data quality tests, data quality monitoring systems, etc.).

Deep understanding of fundamental data management principles and concepts, the IT tools and technologies market.

Understanding of data storage architecture, including databases, data warehouses.

Ability to work with data at the conceptual, logical, and physical database model levels.

Ability to analyze current data management business processes, identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for optimization, and automation.

Ability to analyze and solve complex problems, interpret operational needs, develop comprehensive, creative solutions, propose new ideas and approaches, and think outside the box.

Ability to create and implement data quality rules, define data quality metrics and criteria.

Ability to effectively document processes and decisions, as well as to express ideas and recommendations clearly and comprehensibly when communicating with various stakeholders.

Practical skills in using software tools for process and data modeling (UML diagrams, Microsoft Visio, MySQL, BPMN).

Practical skills in using data processing tools such as ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools for data transfer and transformation into the appropriate format.

Knowledge standards like DAMA DMBOK, ISO 8000 etc.

Knowledge and practical skills in implementing international standards like ITIL, COBIT, TOGAF is a plus.

Knowledge and practical skills in one of the data visualization tools is a plus: MS PowerBI/Qlik/Tableau.

Personal skills

English language proficiency at least at the Upper Intermediate level.

Strong communication and persuasion skills, the ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders, and the ability to work in a team.

Analytical abilities.

Logical and structured thinking.

Attention to detail.

Managing skills.

bility to make quick decisions.

Ability to take responsibility.

Ability to think creatively or outside the box.