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At Deep Consulting Solutions, we help take successful Companies to the next level with automation and good systems. We take businesses out of the box by restructuring their business processes and creating software solutions to power and automate them.
13 февраля 2020

Automation QA Engineer

Киев, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

You must:
— Pay attention to details.
— Be Ready to Work Independently and Learn New Things.
— Desire to Accomplish results.
— Be Willing to Communicate with People Effectively.
— Be Willing to Take Personal Responsibility for Your Actions and Quality of Your Work.
— Speak, Read and Write good English.

Required Technical Skills:
— Experience in Software Testing — Automatic and Manual.
— Understanding of Testing methodologies (such as boundary testing, equivalence partitioning, etc..).
— Basic Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle.

Будет плюсом

Experience in Businesses of Various Kind
Knowledge of Various CRM and ERP Systems


— Complete freedom with how you run your operation and structure your day. There is no set schedule — but do expect the work to be challenging and tough — and you will be held accountable for your results.

— Opportunity to learn many different new technologies (e.g. Zoho, Vonage, etc.) and see them applied in real businesses.

— Opportunity to work with unusual businesses and contribute to growing many remarkable and successful companies.

— Fast paced and self-responsible environment — we are mature adults and don’t have a “kindergarten”-like environment in our operation.

— Reward for results and accomplishments in the team. There will be a competitive monthly base salary along with financial bonuses for completing projects successfully.

— Direct and transparent candidate selection process (see below).


You will be responsible for ensuring that the software system delivered by our Tech Team in the project assigned to you works flawlessly and is ready to be successfully implemented into live operation of the business.

In delivering on this, you will:

— Analyze the project and develop proper test cases and scenarios for it.
— Set up and run automation to execute tests.
— Conduct certain tests manually.
— Ensure that all issues get fixed.
— Work with Software Engineers, Business Analysts, UX Architects and other QA Engineers on the project in order to accomplish your goal.
— Do anything else you will deem necessary to accomplish your goal.

Your duty is considered fulfilled when a software solution developed in the course of our project is perfect and works in the real world.

О проекте

At Deep Consulting Solutions, we help Companies scale their Businesses by Refining and Automating their Processes and Systems. We build comprehensive technological business solutions for our clients and implement them in complex and interesting businesses.

Our mission is to leverage process automation and technology to turn small remarkable businesses into highly successful and effective companies — a great place for their employees and customers.
We work with many diverse businesses and utilize a varied technology stack for our projects — with the appropriate technology serving the appropriate business task.

As an organization we are looking for independent, responsible and mature people who are capable of accomplishing results. Everybody is evaluated strictly based on their results.

Our candidate selection process is very straightforward and is designed to make efficient use of both your and our time:
1 — Application Form. Upon clicking „Откликнуться”, you will be redirected to a form where you can tell us about yourself and your aspirations. This is an opportunity for you to shine and to see if we are a fit.

2 — Online Test (approx. 30 min). Following the Application Form, you will be taken to the test designed to evaluate your Quality Assurance Skills. This test can be taken online at any convenient time and is graded automatically. If you pass the test, we will reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

3 — Discussion. We will talk about how we can work together in detail — and discuss the terms of our relationship. If we are a fit — we will invite you for a Paid Practical Assignment.

4 — Paid Practical Assignment. You will be given a small project piece which you will need to analyze and develop a testing plan for. The assignment is designed to take 1~2 Days to complete.

5 — Assignment Evaluation. Your assignment is evaluated in detail and compared against our quality standards. If the assignment matches our standards, you will be offered to join our team on the conditions already discussed.
If not (but the assignment is nonetheless completed), you will still receive payment for the assignment along with a written report on your work to use in self-improvement.


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