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At Deep Consulting Solutions, we help take successful Companies to the next level with automation and good systems. We take businesses out of the box by restructuring their business processes and creating software solutions to power and automate them.
29 октября 2019

UX Researcher (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

• In-depth understanding of UI/UX design

• Experience conducting user research

• Experience with qualitative and user-centered design methodologies

• Working knowledge of quantitative, behavioral analysis

• Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

Будет плюсом

A good ability of English language will be essential in this job.


How We Work Here

We are not warm bodies. We are responsible, driven and motivated professionals. We push ourselves — and don’t need anyone motivating us to work. We don’t tolerate underperforming employees and fire them fast.

We don’t have set work hours — we work when we best feel like it — any employee comes to one of our three offices (Austin, Kiev, and Zaporizhia) whenever they want to.

Our actions manifest themselves in results — be that successful projects or experiences gained as a team.

We love learning and are not afraid to make mistakes — so long as we don’t repeat the same ones all over.

We have healthy attitudes about money. We create value and get financially rewarded for it heavily.

We are not afraid of our own success. We only discuss things that really matter and don’t waste time.


Your Purpose in our Organization

You will help provide actionable and meaningful data-driven insights that represent the voice of multiple users. You will collaborate across development, design, and marketing teams to evaluate current and upcoming user research needs that help to improve product definition and drive business goals.
If all above is about you please write to us and mention in the cover letter the name of author of the book “The design of everyday things”.

О проекте

What We Do

At Deep Consulting Solutions we create more efficient companies by analyzing their business processes and automating them with effective technology. Our work process with the client includes a deep business study, identification of areas in the business where automation is appropriate, designing a software solution to provide automation, building, and implementing a software system into the client’s business to help them run a more efficient ship.

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