Deep Consulting Solutions

до 20 специалистов
Киев, Запорожье, Austin, Texas

----- Our Culture -----

We are not warm bodies. We are responsible, driven and motivated professionals. We push ourselves — and don’t need anyone motivating us to work.
We don’t have set work hours — we work when we best feel like it — any employee comes to one of our three offices (Austin, Kiev, and Zaporizhia) whenever they want to.
Our actions manifest themselves in results — be that successful projects or experiences gained as a team.
We love learning and are not afraid to make mistakes — so long as we don’t repeat the same ones all over.
We have healthy attitudes about money. We create value and get financially rewarded heavily for it.
We are not afraid of our own success. We only discuss things that really matter and don’t waste time.

---- Our Business ----
At Deep Consulting Solutions, we help Companies scale their Businesses by Refining and Automating their Processes and Systems.
Our mission is to leverage process automation and technology to turn small remarkable businesses into highly successful and effective companies — a great place for their employees and customers.
Our Business is based in the United States — with the majority of clients being Small and Mid-Market US Companies.

---- Our Team ----
For our team, we recruit healthy, ambitious and high performing young professionals with the desire to own and actively drive their results. We are direct in our communication and expect mutual respect and transparency among all team members. We reward our team members heavily for the results accomplished and remove non-performing employees quickly.

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