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We are Dedicatted — a European IT service provider that helps businesses worldwide improve their engineering experience and deliver successful software products.

We accelerate, transform and optimize enterprises and software companies. We achieve this with services in which our expertise lies: IT consulting, DevOps as a service, cloud migrations and architecture, microservices, native mobile and desktop development, and cross-platform solutions.

In our work, we use verified technologies, approaches, and tools. We are advancing them to bring even more value to your business, considering your goals. Do you want to optimize and modernize your app, migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, or need help with orchestration?

Try us.

We aim to find a solution that fits the best for your business. We work closely with you to deeply understand its requirements and challenges. That helps us focus on what matters when working on your product.

For 12 years on the market, we have effectively improved businesses in different industries such as Finance, E-Commerce and Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, and others. That’s why we know what works best for you.

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