Dedicated Lab

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Dedicated Lab was founded in July 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine with a desire to help businesses grow and provide real tech support and consulting expertise instead of “cheap outsourced coding”. Our ambition is to make a real impact on our clients’ businesses. We help our customers implement technology into their routine in order to facilitate automatization, save costs and eventually make their businesses more appealing for potential clients. The success of our projects and the feedback we receive gives our team a great feeling of accomplishment and purpose.

Since we are small we operate more like a startup rather than an outsource company:
— we have no bureaucracy, and always try to improve and automate our processes
— we have no HRs — every team member can help with processes improvements or engagement events
— we take risks working on projects together with our clients (they are more like partners to us)
— we appreciate every member of our team and are grateful for every project we get to work on
— we have plans of massive growth — join us on early stages and become a part of the core team ;)

In our company we appreciate desire to grow and self-development. We do our best to gain expertise and make every team member an expert in the field and constantly improve skills. Our employees are lifetime learners and new knowledge consumers.

We are proud of being a reliable partner to our clients and happy to provide a great workplace for our team.