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28 августа 2020 15:43

Roman Khromushkin, Head of Business Efficiency с 2018 года

I’m working at DeckRobot for over 2 and half years now and I can say it has been the best career decision I made. We are developing and implementing a very exciting and new technology for some of the biggest and well-known companies in the world. Working at DeckRobot is a very valuable experience for everyone who wants to work on a great software product, boost their career, and gain immense expertise in the enterprise biztech.

What I really enjoy about working at DeckRobot is that we have flexible work hours, the team and leadership support is always there, everyone is responsible for the work they put in and we have great corporate events :) Can’t wait to see where we will be in just a year from now.

Поддержали:  Tony Urban


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Thanks a lot, Roman! Really appreciate your kind words and glad you’re enjoying working in DeckRobot =)