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13 августа 2018 11:44

Dmytro Makarenko

The same story with me. I sent test task two weeks ago and got no response. I also wrote to the company’s HR manager few times, but still no response.


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Hello Dmytro,

Thank you for your interest in the vacancy and your efforts.

It is worth to mention your enthusiasm in solving hard tasks along with your approach to solve it. With your test tasks you have posessed yourself as a candidate with strong programming skills. However, it also worth paying attention on some more data and results representativeness in future. You may try using ipython notebook for example.

We appreciate your interests in what you do, and if you have some more questions, please contact me on Linkedln.

Good luck,

Поддержали: Tony Urban

I think the task was ambiguous and formulated uncorrectly. First of all , the dataset file attached to the test task was without extension. When I asked what was the file extension, you replied that I have to know what kind of file it is, because it’s a part of the task. So I had to spend time to figure our that file has zip extension. Is it really a task for Machine Learning developer? Secondly, in the task I had to do clustering with “dynamic number of clusters”. There’s no such term no matter if you search online or look in the literature. There’s “dynamic clustering”, but no “dynamic number of clusters”. You must have meant variable number of clusters or undetermined number of clusters. I think, only this very fact means the task was formulated unprofessionally. Additionally, now you say I had to use Jupiter notebook, but in the task it was required to send you code in Python3. I don’t think it would be correct to send you task in Jupiter notebook format.

Hi Dmytro,

I’m trully sorry that you had to wait long for the feedback. We had an issue with recruiter, who is no longer working with us.

As I know, you’ve not passed the test task. Our teammate will give you more details re: the feedback