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13 августа 2018 1:30

Alexander Grigoryev

Если вы себя уважаете, не тратьте своё время. Фидбек после тестового вам не оставят даже если вы его идеально выполните, просто забудут. Стандартная современная практика.

Поддержали:  Anton Makarenko Dmytro Makarenko


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Hi Alexander,

I’m trully sorry that you had to wait long for the feedback. It’s not a normal practice, we try to give feedback within 3-7 days even despite the fact a lot candidates are applying to DeckRobot (that we appreciate a lot).

We had an issue with recruiter, who is no longer working with us.

Unfortunatelly, you’ve not passed the test task due to the lack of deep analysis. I wish you a good luck and we’d love to hear from you when we have another open position and you gain new skills!

Поддержали: Alexander Grigoryev

Hi Tony,

Lack of deep analysis should not be the case here because immediately right after receiving the poorly formulated task I asked several clarifying questions about unlabelled data and how should I treat it given options and tools I have, because good data scientist should know his data. You failed the communication and I urge everyone to avoid applying to that company.

Hi Alexander, thank you for your opinion. Test task is formulated in a way to check your skills and creativity. More than 10 engineers have already succesfully passed it and 3 of them are our employees =) I appologize for our ex-colleague who has not provided a prompt feedback she had on July 27th.

I don’t think you’re 100% objective with urging of not applying to the company you know very little about. Anyways, it’s your opinion and we appreciate it.

Thank you,