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Daxx is a Netherlands-based software development and technology consulting company with more than 20 years of experience and over 450 experts on board. We build dedicated teams to help fill technological and expertise gaps for international clients.
26 октября 2020

Middle ReactJS Developer for RightNow (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

At least 2 years of TypeScript or JavaScript experience
Experience with GraphQL, Hasura, React, and CDK
Experience with unit testing (Eslint, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Enzyme)
Experience in stateless systems
Experience with Jamstack (11ty or similar)
Experience with Webdriver.io
Knowledge of development tools (Webpack, Sass, Babel, Post)
Knowledge of functional programming and OOP
Knowledge of design principles (SOLID, DRY, KISS...)
Knowledge of design patterns
Higher education in Computer Science or Mathematics
Intermediate level of English

Будет плюсом

Experience with Rxjs, Ramda, React HOCs
Experience with DevOps
Experience with Serverless, DynamoDB, MySQL
Experience with opensource
Online certificates (Udemy, Coursera...)


Direct cooperation with the customer
Dedicated HR/ Client Manager
Competitive salary, medical insurance, 20 working vacation days
Regular corporate events, team buildings, etc.


UI kit creating for client and admin systems
Migration to Jamstack (+ achvieve 100% in Google page speed)
New functionality development

О проекте

RightNow Group is a young and ambitious company from Duesseldorf, Germany. We’re on our way to become Europe’s leading consumer factoring provider! RightNow buys everyday legal claims from consumers against large corporations such as airlines and insurance companies (sometimes we’re called “Robin Hood” ;-)) and pays customers a large part of their reimbursement claims within just 24 hours (algorithm-based factoring). After that, the matter is finished for the customer, and he has nothing to do with litigating and enforcing his claim in court. We call that “Justice as a service”!

Under the umbrella brand of RightNow we currently operate Geld-für-Flug.de (reimbursement for flight cancellations), Unfallzahlung24 (settlement of car liability claims), and Bahn-Buddy (compensation for train delays); all within the German-speaking area.

The culture within our company is relaxed, but with German discipline. We like to make some jokes now and then, but the product must be good and on time. So when the time is short, we can be very serious as well and days might get a bit longer than usual. We have a young team of currently 14 people in Duesseldorf (business and legal), as well as 3 developers and Team/Tech lead in Kyiv. We’re always guided by our vision and live the saying “One Team. One Dream.”

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