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11 ноября 2019

AQA Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

• Good understanding of the quality assurance process
• General testing and test automation experience with JavaScript
• Experience in creating test strategies (for instance TMAP)
• Automation experience using protractor
• Good written and spoken English


Daxx offers:
• Direct cooperation with the customer
• Dedicated HR/ Client Manager
• Regular performance reviews
• Competitive Salary, medical insurance, 20 working vacation days
• Regular corporate events, team buildings, etc.


• Ensure clear Documented test plan and results
• Develop automated Protractor tests
• Work distribution: 90% test (automation), 10% business / information analysis

О проекте

About the product:
MatchingLink builds software for institutional investors and more specifically asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds. Our software facilitates the daily process of valuing the liabilities (for instance pensions to pay) versus a portfolio of assets (obligations, shares, etc). Based on this valuation, proposals to improve the portfolio are created based on optimization strategies. Improvements are generally along the lines of risk mitigation, yield increase and currency exposure reduction.
The data used in the above scenario can be fed using Excel files or an API and the process is more or less automated with a detailed workflow.
When discussing and implementing the above solution with our clients we discovered that they have major problems organizing the data that should be fed in the system as well as structuring the reports coming out of the system. We, therefore, thought of a product that has a much more flexible data and reporting layer.
The basis of the system is what we call the ’grabber’. It can recognize data models from excel, JSON and XML files. We want to add PDF data sources (using Amazon Textract) as well. Based on these data sources, users can them import, validate, transform and approve data as well as create new data from transformations. Based on this data, reports (graphs, tables, etc) can be created.
The unique selling point of the DART is that the application combines the robustness of a custom ETL solution with the flexibility of creating Excel-based reports. Using this setup we can offer beautiful reports based on structured, but changing data formats in an auditable way. In essence, whenever a report is created, the user can see when the data was approved and transformed by using which transformations and data sources.

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