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12 декабря 2019

Senior Python Engineer for Daxx New Client (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

• Minimum 5 years of full-time post-university development experience
• You prefer working in a start-up environment i.e. you are flexible and dynamic, and comfortablewith rapid prototyping, iteration and dealing with a level of uncertainty

• Very strong Python background, both from the perspective of algorithmic work as well as webserver development
o Python libraries: Flask, SQLAlchemy, alembic
• Strong experience with relational databases (Oracle, MySQL) and NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB)
• Strong experience of Web Services and API development using REST
• Familiarity with ML and Natural Language Processing techniques and approaches in Python
o Math/ML/NLP python libraries: numpy, pandas, scipy, scikit-learn, spacy
• Familiarity with web UI technology such as React

Будет плюсом

Team environment:
• Familiar with working in distributed/remote teams
• Able to “think out of the box”, take on new ideas
• Good command of English, and comfortable with regular voice/video calls to discuss the way forward
• You enjoy working with highly motivated people in a highly collaborative environment


Daxx offers:
• Direct cooperation with the customer
• Dedicated HR/ Client Manager
• Regular performance reviews
• Competitive Salary, medical insurance, 20 working vacation days
• Regular corporate events, team buildings, etc.


Tasks and responsibilities:
• Further enhancement of the marketplace web-platform
• Development of back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance
• Development and integration of algorithmic and ML/NLP/CV solutions to the platform
• Active participation in the development of the best ML and algorithmic solutions

О проекте

About the project:

At our company, we are developing a paradigm-shifting search agent mechanism, involving a whole new search experience driven by AI (ML/NLP/CV). Our first application is in product search, essentially replacing the standard ‘filter’ component in marketplaces and e-commerce sites. The result is a virtual agent that helps you to discover the right products for you — by helping you explore choices, stimulating you to consider alternatives, automatically processing your (potentially conflicting) preferences, and engaging with you through multiple channels (web, mobile, messenger) using natural language.

The first development phases have been completed, and an MVP for a fully functional marketplace is in place (stack: Python / React). This enables us to test all the core concepts, before expanding our scope to the development of front-end components (likely React-based) and a service backbone (Java-based) that we can integrate and deliver to marketplace/e-commerce players.

You will strengthen the Python/ML back-end team to help drive our ability to ‘wow’ users in their search experience, by helping to develop and integrate our AI-driven smart agent concepts.

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