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6 серпня 2019 16:59

Olena Sevastianova, SDET

Following are my opinions and perspective and opinions are not facts so please take it with the grain of salt. There are always two sides of the story, so treat it as constructive feedback from my side.

In general interview experience with Daxx was positive. Nice and smart people to talk to.
Recruiter Kateryna is professional and was helpful throughout the interview process. Alex and Andrew are great engineers that keep the team running like a clock and it was fun talking to them.
Despite that, I noticed a couple of things during the interview process and wanted to bring it up(I hope Dax appreciate constructive feedback as much as I do)

* Not a strategic interview process. Looks like engineers of all levels, as well as leaders, are interviewed by the same schema. According to interviewers they required “connector of the dots”, a leader who will help with miscommunication, roadmap and managerial stuff. The focus of the interview was mostly on the tech side of thing(don’t get me wrong, it’s highly important) but the ratio of technical questions vs soft skills was about 85/15 which doesn’t align with the position, in my opinion.
* The start of the interview was rough and strait to the so-called “point”. This stands out to me the most.
1. Interviewers haven’t introduced themselves and haven’t explained their role in the company. I had to stop them halfway thru to understand who am I talking to. Well, of course, I did my homework and I knew that one person is Test Architect and he was mention on the interview panelist, the second person wasn’t so I couldn’t know him, unfortunately.
2. From the beginning agenda wasn’t defined(at least for me), I understand that you want to ask as much as possible during the interview. But a good rule of thumb is to talk through the interview agenda so the interviewee knows what to expect and have some breather and time to adapt — this is the professional way of interviewing. For example: “Hey, I am Harry the Unicorn Engineer and I’ve been with company Amazing Unicorns Production for bazillion years. I am responsible for designing, implementing, testing and releasing unicorns. I’ve wanted to start with walking through your experience in company A, what are your responsibilities there and what are you focusing on at your current project? Then we will ask for some technical and design questions. In the end, we will make sure that you have time to ask us questions... (so on and so forth)”. A couple of words that don’t take much time but helps to establish a good non-hostile environment without straight attack. Something to consider, and maybe, get some HR training for interview processes.
* A lot of theoretical questions that I don’t mind, but in general they are suitable for entry-level positions. I wouldn’t waste time asking questions on how to push code to git, instead ask a complex question on test approach and tactics on imaginary or real projects. Well, not gonna lie, something like that was asked but exercise hasn’t been done exhaustively because of interviewers where busy asking questions like “what is the difference between QA and testing” or “agile testing quadrants” etc.
* As the follow up to the previous one: not enough software architecture and approach questions based on experience, which gave me understanding that they don’t care about that as well as that they define your expertise by the level of competency in academical terms, and that is weird to me personally. It also feels like the SDET team is isolated from dev work. But I can’t talk on that, just my assumption, so I am not a judge on that.
* The last but not least: please, accept the fact that the interviewee wants to ask questions as well. Interviews are not an interrogation, it’s a two-way conversation. And while you interviewing the candidate they also interview you.

Anyhow, heard a lot of positive thing about company, and know that they are growing rapidly. So wish them all the best!


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Dear Olena,
Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’d like to highlight that recruitment process at Daxx varies depending on the position and project. Both the flow of the interview and the questions themselves depend on each interviewer and the skills that are to be checked for a specific role.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
We have passed your feedback to your interviewers and we will make sure they take it into account.
Hope we`ll have an opportunity to work together in the future!