The companies, which are being added to DATAWEB GLOBAL GROUP B.V., have operated on the telecoms and IT markets for over 20 years. Since 2002, we have been providing quick, reliable access to the highest quality content on the Internet. We receive enquiries from representatives of upmarket projects: VOD services, advertising networks, SaaS businesses and file-exchange networks.

We grow together with our clients: the network for the group of companies is designed, built and operates on Cisco equipment across three continents. The world-leading transit provider channels used are Level 3, PCCW global, Cogent Communications, IPTP networks, GTT communications. The total capacity of the network is currently 2 TB/s. A large number of reservations means that the group of companies is providing high-quality, uninterrupted service for both its backbone networks and for the corporate networks of its clients.

The group of companies offers a wide spectrum of services, these include:
• Colocation in TIER 4 data centres in the USA, the Netherlands and Hong Kong
• Rent of dedicated/virtual servers
• Cloud solutions
• Content Delivery Network (CDN)
• Registration and support for domain names and SSL certificates
• Data transfer services (these include Layer 2/Layer 3) and access to the Internet for ISP/ASP level clients
• Corporate telecom solutions of any level of complexity (these include building and maintaining corporate networks)
• Administering and managing infrastructure projects 24/7/365

We offer not only standard solutions, which can be chosen and purchased in just a few clicks but also individual packages, which suit and help the realisation of the individual needs of our partners and clients. The highly qualified specialists employed by the company have unmatched levels of experience in developing, launching, growing and managing projects of any level of complexity.

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