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DataRoot Labs

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Киев, Тель-Авив (Израиль)

27 марта 10:02

Serhii Smirnov

I began working with DataRoot company as with machine learning consultant for one of my past projects. The company has a deep expert experience in its niche and I could always get the answers on the interested questions in the field of Data Science. I also want to highlight DataRootUniversity. The guys responsible for this project did a very good job, because they created and, most importantly, continue to develop educational courses and related tasks to reinforce the passed materials for everyone who wants to both begin and advance their knowledge in the field of Machine Learning. Although the initial overall project has ended, we are still in contact with the company and help each other, each according to their capabilities and experience, which leaves certainly only positive impressions and emotions.

Поддержали:  Anna Busol


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