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Мы делаем веб и мобильные приложения для стартапов и компаний из США, Канады и Европы. Делаем MVP для запуска стартапов, развиваем и поддерживаем уже запущенные и проверенные проекты. Всегда работаем с нашими клиентами как одна команда: участвуем в планировании проектов, помогаем со стратегией и общаемся каждый день.
1 сентября 2020

Experienced Ruby Developer

удаленно $1600–2500

Необходимые навыки

We’re looking for middle-level web developer with experience in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We would love to work with a pro-active person, someone who not only solve tasks but suggests improvements on codebase level as well as on product and company level, someone who automate things and shares knowledge within the team on meetups and in chats.

Skills we’re looking for:

— Good knowledge of Ruby: OOP, meta-programming, common patterns.
— Advanced knowledge of Ruby on Rails: advanced ActiveRecord, CLI and generators, i18n, complex forms and controllers, security features.
— Knowledge of architecture patterns: different ways to organize business logic, state machines, API versioning, background jobs, caching, authorization.
— Experience with data modeling and working with databases.
— Advanced knowledge in writing tests: experience writing different kind of tests, knowledge of good practices.
— Experience working on multi-stack projects: knowledge of modern JavaScript and UI libraries.
— Good knowledge of the stack we use: web, http protocol, networks.
— Advanced level of working with tools: Linux, CLI tools, git.
— Good written and spoken English: almost all the communications technical and non-technical are in English.

Would be great if you have experience with:

— working on applications with complex frontend like SPA,
— using Docker in development and production.

When applying, in addition to the cover letter and CV, please answer on these questions:

— How do you organize business logic in your app?
— What would you do if you suspect that a gem doesn’t work as you expected? How would you debug this?
— How do you deploy your apps? What experience do you have with infrastructure?

Please show us examples of your code. For more information please check our interview process github.com/...​/career#interview-process


We work remotely github.com/...​datarockets/career#remote and know how to do it well.

We care about people github.com/...​ckets/career#people-first and projects github.com/...​rk-as-a-team-with-clients.

О проекте

We build mobile and web apps for our clients. See datarockets.com/case-studies. Usually we work with clients for years and work as a single team.


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