DataRobot is a Boston-based tech company with offices in New York, London, Kyiv, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney.
23 июля 2021

Infrastructure DevOps Engineer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Харьков, Львов, Одесса, Хмельницкий

Job Summary
DataRobot manages a variety of deployments for our cutting-edge AutoML, Time Series, and MLOps products. While we have several multi-tenant SaaS production environments in AWS, we also ship regular enterprise software releases for the diverse environments of our on-prem customers. Our advanced CI pipeline uses Jenkins and other industry-standard tools to build and test artifacts across a number of different configurations and environments. This CI/CD infrastructure operates on a scale that few other organizations achieve — running thousands of builds each day and empowering excellence across a growing team of professionals around the globe. The DevInfra team is looking for an Infrastructure DevOps Engineer to help us, along with the adjacent Engineering Productivity and Testing Automation teams, improve and maintain our internal systems to support a world-class R&D department. We value engineers who are experts with DevOps tools and practices, who know how to build scalable & highly available infrastructure, and who are eager to chase challenges no matter where they lead. We will be excited to share our unique culture in a fast-moving startup environment.


  • Adoption of the multi-account cross-region AWS infrastructure
  • Enhancement of the CI process and distribution of the scaling
  • Infrastructure and configuration management as a code
  • Internal tools development and deployment automatization
  • Automation and maintenance of the existing infrastructure

Main Requirements

  • 3+ Years experience with AWS (multi-account, cross-region)
  • 3+ Years experience managing CI/CD systems with Jenkins (JJB, Jenkinsfiles)
  • 3+ Years experience with Docker and container orchestration (Kubernetes, Mesos, etc)
  • A passion for DevOps methodology and automatization
  • A passion to squeeze the maximum value out of the infrastructure solutions
  • Experience maintaining large scale & geo-distributed infrastructure, 1k+ servers
  • Expertise in running complex monitoring & logging systems (Prometheus / Grafana; ELK, etc)

Desired Skills

  • 3+ Years of Unix systems administration
  • 3+ Years experience with Terraform/CloudFormation or Ansible
  • 3+ Years experience with managing self-hosted services (Artifactory, HC Vault, GitLab, etc)
  • Solid experience in scripting with Bash, Python
  • Understanding of SLI/SLO fundamentals