21...80 спеціалістів
Київ, Лондон (Велика Британія), Піттсбург (США)

We are DataMix, a company represented in the US and UK with a HQ in Kyiv, Ukraine, where talented teams are creating several internal products and robust applications for our clients around the globe.

— We are among TOP-30 Kyiv based Machine Learning Consultants according to Clutch (#28):​ing/companies/kyiv?page=1
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Our average project stack

💻 Front-end stack:

✅ Vue 3, Nuxt 3
✅ Svelte, SvelteKit
✅ Electron (desktop apps)
✅ Vanilla JavaScript / TypeScript
✅ Vuex, Pinia, WebSockets, SocketIO
✅ Tailwind CSS, Tailwind UI, PrimeVue
✅ Strapi (+admin panel)
✅ Figma, Photoshop

💻 Back-end & DevOps stack:

✅ NodeJS
✅ Nest, Express
✅ PostgreSQL, MySQL
✅ MongoDB
✅ Redis
✅ RabbitMQ
✅ Docker, Kubernetes, PM2
✅ Strapi (+admin panel)
✅ Digital Ocean, AWS

We are experienced working in these fields:

— Design Sprint and Prototyping;
— Web Applications (custom collaboration tools, HR platforms, high-load projects);
— Cybersecure Product Development;
— ML/AI: NLP and Computer vision;

More about our life out of projects scope:

— We are a socially active and family type company.
— We have bimonthly teambuilding and activities to be more than just a group of people working together.
— We support Ukrainian Army with DataMix Defender Charity Foundation initiatives:
— We are Ukrainian company with a dream of prosperous and strong Ukraine.

More about our company and our products: