Datagrok is a US-based product startup developing a next-generation web-based integrated data analytics platform that provides a unified experience for data access, data augmentation, exploratory data analysis, advanced visualizations, scientific computations, machine learning, security, governance, and collaboration.
25 липня 2022

Scientific Application Developer (bio/chem-informatics)


We are a U.S.-based product company. Our product, a next-generation data analytics platform, is used by the biggest pharma companies and is strongly connected to natural sciences, including chemistry and biology, and data science. We are looking for Scientific Application Developer on remote work (check out, you’ll be surprised).

You will be primarily involved in developing new applications in JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and R, using Datagrok API and facilities, expanding the platform with new plugins where needed. Most of the applications to be developed are strongly connected to natural sciences and data science. There is a lot of room to grow, and there will be many opportunities to assume more responsibilities and learn new domains, such as cheminformatics, bioinformatics, deep learning, or high-performance computing.


• At least three years of professional experience
• JavaScript or TypeScript
• At least one of: Python, R, Java, C#, C++, Matlab/Octave
• Knowledge and experience in data science and/or life sciences
• Good written English, ability to communicate directly with our clients
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to learn and apply new technologies


• Front-end web and application logic development
• Back-end development for scientific as well as data integration purposes
• Help our clients write JS applications on top of the Datagrok platform
• Design, implement, and operate data management systems
• Use and improve developer-facing platform’s JS API
• Integrate third-party JS libraries into the platform

Will be a plus:

• Prior exposure to life sciences (especially bioinformatics, cheminformatics, drug design and development, clinical data analysis)
• Interest or experience in high performance computing
• Experience with WebGL, WebAssembly, or Dart

We offer:

✔ Zero bureaucracy, flexible working hours without tracking, full-remote work.
✔ No formal restrictions on sick leaves.
✔ Excellent growth opportunities in a highly dynamic, unique product company.
✔ Competitive compensation

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