Datagrok is a US-based product startup developing a next-generation web-based integrated data analytics platform that provides a unified experience for data access, data augmentation, exploratory data analysis, advanced visualizations, scientific computations, machine learning, security, governance, and collaboration.
20 октября 2021

Senior Software Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


We are a U.S.-based product company. Our product, a next-generation data analytics platform, is used by the biggest pharma companies and is strongly connected to natural sciences. We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who will help us improve our web-based data analysis platform (check out, you’ll be surprised). This is not a typical web app work, we are building our own technology.
We are not looking for the knowledge of any particular language or a framework; our ideal candidate will have no problems using our technology stack (Dart, Java, R, Python, Julia, C++, WASM, WebGL, JavaScript, TypeScript, etc.).

We Offer:
✔ Zero bureaucracy, flexible working hours without tracking, full-remote work.
✔ No formal restrictions on sick leaves.
✔ Excellent growth opportunities in a highly dynamic, unique product company.
✔ Competitive compensation

• Obsession with developing elegant, high-performance code is a must
• Strong fundamentals, including algorithms and data structures
• Ability and willingness to learn new scientific domains
• Expert knowledge in one or more of OOP languages like C++, Java, C#, or Dart
• Minimum 5 years of relevant experience
• Ability to build elegant solutions from scratch, as well as to understand, maintain, and evolve complex codebases
• Ability to efficiently contribute across the whole stack, including UI and backend

• Develop clean, high-performance, well-documented, production-level code
• Design, develop, and own creative solutions that go beyond current tools to deliver data-driven insights to • scientific problems
• Collaborate with world-class developers and scientists to work on complex problems
• Identify and use emerging technologies such as WebGL or WASM (how about multithreaded C++ code running in the browser?)
• Be proactive regarding platform evolvement, process improvements, etc.

Will be a plus:
• Scientific background (PhD is a plus)
• Familiarity with R, Python, or Julia
• Experience with high-performance computing, big data, cloud computing
• DevOps, Kubernetes, scalable systems
• Cheminformatics, bioinformatics, or clinical development experience
• Machine learning and data science experience
• Web development, modern frameworks, UI and UX

About us:
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