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Datagrok is an end-to-end data platform for turning data into actionable insights.

We are a startup developing a next-generation, no-compromises data analytics platform that will revolutionize the industry.

We’ve created an in-memory data processing and visualization engine operating right in the browser which enables fully interactive work with datasets of 10 million rows.

We are a small and flexible team with no bureaucracy.

Being part of the Datagrok team, we help some largest big-pharma companies and innovative biotech startups build their projects.
Working together with leading experts in various areas of life sciences, we continuously enrich our knowledge and outlooks.
We develop the platform together with our clients and help them build their own solutions on it.

We plan to expand our coverage in new industries: fintech, adtech, retail. Relevant projects going right now are in life science: cell repertoire analysis, bioreactor modeling, High-Content Imaging and Flow Cytometry Quality Control.

Our tech is used in solving problems significant to humankind. For example, creating a Covid-19 vaccine.

We contribute to open source.
Our plugins repository is public, and we keep increasing the open source presence.

We are really unlike anything you’ve seen, check out what we can do right in the browser:​dNrEc&ab_channel=Datagrok
Or try it yourself (click on LAUNCH):