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Datagrok is a US-based product startup developing a next-generation web-based integrated data analytics platform that provides a unified experience for data access, data augmentation, exploratory data analysis, advanced visualizations, scientific computations, machine learning, security, governance, and collaboration. Our proprietary technology enables ingestion of big (up to 10M rows) datasets and performing CPU-intensive scientific computations and interactive data exploration and visualization completely on the client side, in the browser.

Our technology has already been validated by the biggest Fortune 100 pharma companies and biotech startups. Datagrok revolutionizes the space and transforms the way people access, interact with, learn from, and share data. We are really unlike anything you’ve seen, check out what we can do at:​dNrEc&ab_channel=Datagrok
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There is a lot of work to be done, and we pride ourselves on working fast and having zero bureaucracy. We are pushing the limits of what’s possible, so we need people who are up to the challenge. You will be solving hard problems, learning complex scientific domains, and managing the ever-increasing complexity.

Here’s our position on the Russian aggression:​medium=member_desktop_web

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