is a software development company that provides developers and other users with reliable solutions that enhance their computer programs. We specialize in social media scraping and can provide accurate data from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.
19 березня 2023

Middle+ Python Developer (Scraping) (вакансія неактивна)


Сompany: is a service company that specializes in social media scraping, before the war we were located in Kharkiv.

The company has been successfully operating for more than 5 years and is recognizable in its niche. The products are in a phase of stable growth and development. Every year, sales volumes are increasing about 2- 3 times. This is a small adult company, far from a startup, it has well-formed business processes and an established culture. Our team uses a stack that includes Flask, PostgreSQL, Playwright, Redis, and k8s to solve our tasks.

Product: services enable to collect, filter and process information from social networks. It helps agencies and businesses analyze brand reputation, collect mentions about it, etc. Clients are the world’s top reputation social listening and management companies from all continents. And the business spares no resources for this.

Data365 is looking for a Python developer with at least two years of commercial development experience, knowledge of data scraping tools in Python, and experience scraping data from web pages and APIs to help us complete our ongoing tasks of data scraping, parser support, and development of data collection functionality. We keep up with the latest technological trends in the project, and soon we plan to upgrade our stack to modern tools — FastAPI, Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ. This will open up new opportunities for developers and allow us to be even more efficient in collecting and analyzing data from social networks.

— At least 3 years of commercial development experience in Python
— Spoken English is not required
— Good knowledge of data scraping tools in Python, experience in writing parsers for scraping data from both pages and various APIs, ability to use XPath, regex
— Experience with Selenium/Puppeteer/Playwright for testing or data scraping
— Experience with one of the popular web development frameworks (Django/Flask/FastAPI)
— Knowledge of SQL and practical experience in writing queries, without using ORM
— Experience with popular relational databases (PostgreSQL/MySQL)
— Ability to work with task queues, familiarity with Celery or other solutions
— Confident Linux command line user, experience with Docker

Will be a plus:
— Familiarity with the microservice architecture
— Experience in writing tests and using linters to improve code quality, striving for clean code
— Experience scraping data from social networks or other sources
— Knowledge of algorithms and data structures

Job benefits:
— Pure in-house product, highly loaded system. In a product, response time is important, the load is increasing and will continue to increase. And it’s not outsourcing.
— If you like a high degree of independence and autonomy, this is super for you. There are few calls, this work is calm: no blown minds, no constant tracking or micromanagement.
— You are doing a really useful service that people really need. You could see the result every day and you can be proud of it.
— Non-standard technical tasks. Opportunity to meet and use AI.
— The opportunity to learn how to prepare products for deployment into a modern cloud infrastructure. In terms of infrastructure, Kubernetes, Docker and Helm are used.
— This is exactly the work for the result. You have time to perfectly polish to the shine — the result matters and quality is more important than timing. For people who like to love their product and dive deep.

It will be great to hire an adult conscious specialist to our team!