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30 червня 2022

Solution Arhitect (DevOps/Back-end expertise) (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

We are Data Science UA and we are helping one of our client to scale team for their great product. We are looking for a Solution Architect who will be the engineering owner of real-time trading and research infrastructure. Every day algorithms process more than 500 million data points. As a result, low latency and fault tolerance are essential. We are looking for a professional passionate about financial markets and algorithmic trading who will lead client`s team of developers in maintaining and improving the existing IT infrastructure. This position involves possible progression to the CTO of the project and trading profit sharing.


  • Get a deep understanding of current architecture and generate an improvement plan.
  • Lead the team of backend developers and data engineers.
  • Ensure infrastructure and services design is highly available, scalable and fault-tolerant.
  • Define operations requirements and guidelines for new services.
  • Implement zero downtime and canary deployment strategies for trading applications.
  • Review and design CI/CD pipelines.
  • Design and plan disaster recovery architecture.
  • Capacity planning and autoscaling.
  • Ensure services have good observability and operability: monitoring/logging/distributed transactions tracing.
  • Take an active part in decision-making regarding further architecture development.
  • Continuously improve quality of service and internal culture
  • Prepare solution documents with architecture and infrastructure diagrams

Required skills:

  • 5+ years in software development.
  • Exceptional communication skills are a must.
  • Experience with cloud technologies (AWS).
  • 2+ years of leading/management experience.
  • 3+ years as an architect.
  • Broad experience working with high-load systems.
  • Experience working with streaming data processing pipelines.

Hands-on experience in Python and one of the languages: C++/Go.

Strong experience with:

  • Kubernetes and its ecosystem: Helm, Docker, Argocd.
  • Infrastructure as a code tool: Terraform.
  • Message brokers: Apache Kafka/Redpanda.
  • SQL database: ClickHouse, PostgreSQL.
  • Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu) and CLI tools: bash, sed, awk, sysctl.
  • Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, Firewalls, load balancers (Nginx/f5).
  • Security principles and best practices.
  • Configuration management tools (Ansible).
  • CI/CD tools (GitLab Artifactory, Jenkins).
  • Cloud providers: AWS, GCP.
  • Orchestration platforms: Kubernetes.
  • Data processing principles and techniques (asynchronous, parallel, batch processing).
  • ETL Engineering

Experience with:

  • Monitoring and logging systems: Grafana, Prometheus, Elastic Stack, Splunk, Jaeger.
  • Containerization-related management stacks like Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes.
  • Microservices architecture, REST APIs & API Gateways principles and patterns.

Experience in

  • Transforming existing products.
  • Developing microservice platforms.
  • Technical/engineering background or engineering education.
  • Management and delivery of complex integrations and infrastructure projects

Background in

  • Software Development, DevSecOps, Site Reliability, and/or Systems Engineering.
  • Building and deploying solutions as containers on a cloud platform using an automated CI / CD pipeline.
  • Configuring, monitoring, and handling scaling infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Real-time observability solutions that provide visibility into system health.