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16 августа 2021

Machine Learning Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Solid knowledge of Python and relevant libs
— Mathematical and/or Algorithmic background
— Expertise in Deep Learning and working with DL frameworks
— Skill of staying on top of relevant research and knowing how to conduct your own
— Problem-solving mindset; ability to learn fast and on the fly
— Lack of fear of the unknown or practical knowledge how to deal with it
— Good communication skills

Будет плюсом

— Experience in combining Deep Learning with 3D geometry
— Familiarity with classical geometry processing algorithms
— Working experience in 3D modeling environments (Blender, Maya, ZBrush)
— Practical knowledge of CUDA, C++


— Make an impact on global scale
— Lots of challenges and growth opportunities
— High degree of professional freedom & autonomy
— Team of skilled experts, who are also your friends
— Stock options


Conducting research, working with data, and developing ML pipelines. Elementary tasks may include semantic shape manipulation, 3D model segmentation, rigging, part stitching, implicit representation learning, translation, compression, and many more. Being a part of the team and sharing your knowledge. Being Awesome.

О проекте

Who we are: Product IT startup in stealth mode. We plan the first public releases only by the start of summer, so for now, we are ready to answer questions and share details directly.

What are we do: we combine the achievements of our strongest ML team with the world of 3D and game-dev — we use ensembles of tiny neural networks to represent 3D objects.

The main milestones and challenges now:

Physics and rendering of fluids (we are developing a series of Unity & Unreal plugins to show our core technology’s full potential).
3D content generation (we’re creating a marketplace for 3D object generation to automate the process).
Personalized gaming experience (each user will have a unique storyline with unique locations generated based on their preference and gaming style).