June 2, 18:30 An online webinar “How to build analytics in a company if your main product is a website?” by Oksana Nosenko, Senior Product Analyst at Jooble Registation — bit.ly/3hpcWi6 Our mission is to form a full-fledged system for development in the field of data science by means of: — education (courses) and corporate education — conducting...
20 апреля 2021

Full Stack Engineer


Необходимые навыки

— frontend development: Django, React/Angular/Vue/D3, Html/CSS, Scss, Less, various CSS theme
— backend development: Python/Node.js, Django, Flask, Sanio, etc.
— mobile app development: React-Native/Flutter/Expo/Build fire
— webrtc: Jitsi/Janus/zoom
— database development: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, SQLite
— product management, deployment, CI/CD: Git, Jenkins, AWS, GCP, Heroku, Firebase
— DevOps culture: Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus

Будет плюсом

— Tech Lead or Software Architect experience
— experience with cross-platform mobile development
— experience with cloud deployment
— experience successfully handling a few simultaneous projects
— experience in R&D projects


— brilliant and diligent teammates who comprise a strong ML team
— becoming a part of the journey on discovering the next big thing in AI & ML
— fulfilling tasks and projects
— unrivaled professional opportunities
— a full-time role at a comfy office in the Kyiv city center


— continuously learn new technologies and apply them in your day-to-day work
— work with product designers, researchers, data scientists, and data engineers to identify project needs and — - build frontend and backend infrastructure required to demo an idea on a PoC or an MVP stage
— deploy and support projects in different infrastructures (cloud/on-premises)
— help connect backend infrastructure with wrapped API models

О проекте

Full Stack Engineers are the Swiss Army knife of software engineers. Our partner is looking for someone to help them create and deliver strong frontend and backend software for their ideas.

You will join the core technology team to build fast prototypes (PoCs), support data scientists with the API model creation, and integrate UI with backend API. It’s an excellent opportunity for a dedicated developer who feels like the R&D environment is their element.