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30 июня 2020

Machine Learning Research Engineer


Необходимые навыки

— 2+ years of experience researching and developing Machine Learning algorithms;
— Solid mathematical background. Work in the field of topology will be a strong plus;
— Practical experience in developing Computer Vision solutions;
— Ability to quickly prototype and implement new ideas, finding simple and accurate problem solutions;
— Programming skills in Python (numpy, OpenCV);
— Solid fundamentals in classical Machine Learning / Deep Learning;
— Understanding of main principles of generative models;
— Working knowledge of at least one Deep Learning framework (PyTorch preferred).

Будет плюсом

— You have experience with GAN
— Your own projects on GitHub in your favorite field of machine learning that you can show and tell about.


Being part of the team, on a typical workday you are going to do either of the following:
1. Extract state-of-the-art papers’ core approaches;
2. Dissect these cores into pros and cons;
3. Reforge approaches to counter weaknesses;
4. Implement swiftly demo quality prototypes;
5. Convert proven useful prototypes into well-documented production-ready code.

О проекте

Our friends is a technology company working with machine learning since 2011. We have been developing B2B and B2C products based on computer vision and natural language processing and have already created several state of the art machine learning systems.
In this position, you will work in a team of engineers, researchers and developers focused on developing cutting edge machine learning technologies related to Computer Vision and Generative Neural Networks. The position requires great problem solving and analytical thinking, a deep understanding main machine learning algorithms aimed to solve of computer vision tasks.