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Data Science UA started in 2016 with the first Data Science and AI conference in Kyiv and for now, we’ve already organized 9 International Data Science UA Conferences. Uniting top AI and Data Science talents for more than 6 years helps us to provide fast and efficient hiring. We’ve established 7 AI R&D centers with top talents for our USA and UK partners.

Now we are supporting all Ukrainian activities to struggle and resist. Our team is staying safe and we are continuing our work.
From this day our recruiting direction is operating worldwide. Now our services are not limited to Ukraine and Ukrainian engineers, our recruiters are ready to help you find specialists all over the world, despite the location.

Our main focus for hiring is Data Science and AI but we are working within all IT specializations (Front-end, Back-end, QA, Python, Go, C-level, etc.) We have the biggest database of AI developers and Data Scientists and the best and most powerful recruitment team with relevant expertise.

We also can help you with outsource and outstaff projects and provide Data Science consulting. Here are the Top 4 pros to hire the best specialists in AI and ML and build a dedicated team for your AI product with our help:

1) Easy Recruitment — we know almost all engineers from our database; that is why we are fast and efficient in finding the best candidates for your exact need and can assemble a team within a short period (on average, we close positions within 2-4 weeks).

2) Transparent pricing — within the outsourcing model, it is not always transparent regarding hourly rates. With our approach (having your own AI dedicated team), you have full cost transparency and know your team’s salaries.

3) Dedication of developers — within the outsourcing model, developers usually work on several projects and are not always dedicated to your tasks on a full-time basis. With our model, we assemble a team dedicated to your project developers.

4) Your Brand — according to the outsourcing model, your project is usually done with the brand of an outsourcing service provider. Having your own AI R&D center means having your own branded R&D center with us.

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