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We are a friendly team of passionate professionals committed to deliving reliable software solutions for customers from all around the world.

Our company stard in 2016 as a team of Angular Frontend developers. We made every effot in providing only the best experience for our custom and realized that we want to take our services to the next level and cover backend development as well. Treating our clients’ challenges as our own, we’ve been never satisfied until an excellent solution is found. Eventually, we gained the ability to manage complex large-scale projects and kept on improving and growing professionally.

Nevertheless, programming languages and frameworks are just a method, Darly’s seкss foundation is its employees.
So, what benefits one can expect to receive when hired by Darly?

— Indivial approch to everyon
— Promoting self-development (internal workshops, English with a native speaker, Speaking Club, etc)
— Mentorship (guidance by an experienced and trust colleague)
— Busines trip to met customers in person
— Professional equipment (Macbooks for work)
— Indiv/flexie schedule
— (conferences, meetups, etc.)
— Paid vacation and sick leaves
— Salary review every six months based on performance results
— Assistance with taxation and maiining PE docmentation
— Creative and diverse corpote events not only for the team:

Keep customers happy is another focus at Darly. Although our project managent is driven by the Agile approach, our clients’ comfort and satisfaction reain the top priority.

Simply put, in our work we keep up with new technolog and do not forget to share expertise!