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DarcMatter is an exclusive Global FinTech Platform providing direct and transparent access to US assets and Investment Managers .

DarcMatter provides access to asset managers specializing in a wide variety of alternative assets and strategies. Through technology, DarcMatter is able to provide a frictionless process for both investors and private Asset Managers while remaining fully compliant of all current financial regulations.

DarcMatter offers direct access to private investment opportunities including, but not limited to:
Private Company Equity Funds
Commercial Debt Funds
Startup Funds
Private Equity Funds
Venture Capital Funds
Hedge Funds

DarcMatter offers investors a no-frills, transparent platform to compare and participate in institutional-level private investment opportunities. Benefits include:
Transparent visibility to compare and contrast various private investment opportunities
Greater opportunities for portfolio diversification and potential for enhanced investment returns
Lower correlation to systematic market risk

DarcMatter provides Asset Manager with comprehensive technology and efficient distribution channels. Benefits include:
Enhanced access to a greater amount of investors including family offices, financial advisors, wealth managers, and various accredited investors
Technology-driven optimization lowers the costs of raising capital and investor logistics administration
Fully integrated compliance tools and secure dissemination of information