We’re a hot Silicon Valley startup on a mission to fight data breaches. We’ve got first-of-a-kind technology that analyzes millions of events per second to build a global graph of all data flows across entire companies and uses it to detect exfiltration of critical data in real-time.

We raised over $15M from leading Silicon Valley investors (Vertex Ventures and Costanoa Ventures). Cyberhaven is also backed by founders, executives, and security leaders who have built transformational technologies at Facebook, Google, Akamai, Cloudera and others. We have strong demand for our product from the world’s largest companies and we are growing fast. We’re hiring 9 superstar engineers this month to join our core team to accelerate building of this technology and bringing an excellent product to the market.

Our Product

The Cyberhaven product is used by cool companies like Zoom, Motorola, Western Digital, by the U.S. Department of Defense’s DARPA agency (the one that created the Internet!), and others. We’re helping these organizations stop leaks ranging from innocuous product specs leaks to the press, to serious industrial espionage.

Check out a video to see how it works:

Our Technology Stack

We don’t have legacy in our codebase! We build the product from scratch using the following technologies:

  • backend: processing millions of events per second using Go, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Etcd, Redis, Kubernetes, and managing it all using Terraform
  • frontend: innovative and beautiful UX to present complex data in an easy to understand way using Typescript and React
  • windows: record all data movements in all apps by processing tens of thousands of events per second without any slow down for the user’s work, and stop data exfiltration using C# in userspace and C/C++ in the kernel
  • macOS: first-class support and feature parity with Windows using Swift

But it’s not set in stone! Our technology is new and rapidly evolving, so you’ll have a chance to be an early contributor and have a substantial impact on our product architecture and technology choices.

Our Culture

We’re a fast-growing startup with Silicon Valley-like culture centered around technological innovation, product excellence, and high impact. By joining our team early on, you will have a direct and visible impact on the company success: the features you’ll build or the bugs you’ll avoid will win the world’s most famous brands as our customers, you will talk to them directly and hear their feedback on your work, and you’ll see your code in action at stopping huge breaches in the real world.