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9 вересня 2022

.NET Fullstack developer

Львів, віддалено

Required skills

  • 3+ years experience working with ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core and C#
  • 3+ years experience with HTML5, Javascript, EcmaScript5/6, CSS3, SASS
  • Proficiency in building single-page applications that consume Rest API services
  • experience in using version control systems such as GIT and continuous integration process
  • An understanding of agile/scrum methodologies
  • The ability to work autonomously on features/sites from start to finish
  • Experience with bundling and versioning
  • The ability to write clear and efficient code
  • Experience with MS SQL and TSQL
  • The ability to adapt to change and willing to learn and develop new skill sets as applicable
  • Experience with ReactJS
  • Upper-Intermediate English


  • Participate in agile software development including design, implementation, testing, and deployment
  • Work hand-in-hand with designers, QA’s and fellow engineers to ideate, design, and implement practices that are used by customers as well as our internal teams
  • Make websites beautiful, fast, and work on every screen by developing responsive code
  • Have working knowledge of version control, including branching, merging, and basic troubleshooting
  • Have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment with a talented engineering team
  • Engage in architecture and infrastructure decisions with the engineering team

Project description

Project is a marketplace where sellers and buyers can transaction healthcare real estate online. Sellers/brokers will list their businesses on the platform. It will use matchmaking algorithms to match potential buyers to sellers based on their buyer’s criteria which can include location, price, asset time, etc.