Custom PC Software

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CPCS is a software development company that specializes on creating web, mobile and software applications. Our 10-years experience allows us to suggest custom solutions for every customer’s needs using all available technologies.

Custom PC Software is a team of about 90 people that can offer a wide range of services of any complexity and technology.

Web: We are able to deliver an impressive solution for any task. Our experience include front-end cases from basic HTML5 solutions to Angular and Node JS applications; PHP projects including the most popular frameworks such as Symphony 2, Laravel, Yii 2 and others; and of course custom solutions for nonstandard cases using Java, Python, Ruby on Rails and other instruments.

Mobile: Our mobile applications department has experience in delivering multipurpose iOS and Android applications which take their place in commercial, social, safety or educational areas. Using all possible technologies we can deliver GPS-based, Bluetooth Low Energy using, in app purchase commerce projects which are pointed on connecting users, selling relevant products and customizing systems.

Software: Over the years we have accumulated expertise in the following areas: Server applications, Information systems with multiple frontend parts (web, mobile, desktop), Applications for e-commerce, Banking software, ERP and operations support systems, Embedded applications, Telemetry and real-time signal processing software.