Офер за 1 день в команду BetterMe (Frontend Hiring, JavaScript/React/Redux)

4 вакансии

  • Senior React Developer до $5000 Харьков, удаленно
    Crysberry is looking for a React.js developer to join our team that is working on a project to provide IT solutions for the restaurant business.
  • IT Recruiter Харьков, удаленно
    Crysberry provides R&D and Staff Augmentation of VR, AR, mobile, games for Education and Entertainment industries. Our mission at Crysberry is to materialize business ideas into an even better product, helping the society, people and our planet.
  • Angular Developer удаленно
    Crysberry is looking for an Angular developer for a team on a project that provides IT solutions in the gaming industry.
  • Project Manager Харьков
    Crysberry provides R&D services of VR/AR products for Education and Entertainment (because life needs some fun for sure). From our experience, the first stages of product creation together with the idea viability are the most important.