Crewnew Ltd

до 20 специалистов
Тарту (Эстония)

We’re building exciting products and strengthening great freelance and in-house development teams across various Eastern European countries.

All our products are ’remote development’ related. The one we are most proud of is the ’Kanban-style, time planning/tracking tool. This productivity tool automatically tracks your working time on various projects while improving your productivity. It utilises your data locally on your device, meaning privacy comes first. It is also open-source, so assurance is something you need not worry about.

Additionally, we have built a great ATS (Applicant Tracking Tool) that is used alongside our products and numerous excellent open-source projects, making the entire suite impressively powerful.

In 2020 we received our seed investment and are now in the final stages of clinching the next round.

Here at Crew New we currently have 16 core team members, 11 of those working full-time, 200+ working on a project basis. In total Crew New boasts almost 5000 members across various skillsets, all of which have gone through a rigorous scanning process. We tailor-make our teams in accordance with the client’s needs.

We look forward to working with you.