81...200 специалистов

CREDITEXPRESS Ukraine is a modern Ukrainian debt collection company — part of the CE Group.

CREDITEXPRESS Group was established in 1999. Founded by the leading debt collectors in Central and Eastern Europe, the group is focused on providing mass volume administrative collections primarily for Consumer related finance and credit. Since our establishment we are proud to work with the largest and highest profile consumer product and finance groups in the region. All of these companies have one primary goal — to outsource to a partner which is able to provide a flexible and ethical collections service.

As of today, we provide a uniform and efficient service in 13 countries within the region.
— Bulgaria
— Croatia
— Czech Republic
— Hungary
— Macedonia
— Montenegro
— Poland
— Romania
— Russia
— Serbia
— Slovakia
— Slovenia
— Ukraine

Started in 2007, CREDITEXPRESS Ukraine keeps the leadership of the debt management & collection market, in terms of:
— Number of employees (Ukraine): more than 200
— Advanced Technology — CE Group’s own, tailor-made, in-house developed collection software: eCollect®
— Business Intelligence Models (in-house built)
— Own scoring models, predictive analysis (individual for each client)
— Services provided on all stages of delinquency
— Dedicated, professional Legal Department

We have used state of the art technology, way of working and debtor psychology techniques to create unique and effective collections that relate to debtors and clients alike in the region.

Over 3,000 clients within the region entrust us to help them with a range of their credit management operations, from full ledger outsourcing to purchasing debt. This allows Clients to focus on core business activities, safe in the knowledge that the professionals are managing their cash flow.