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CreatorIQ is the leading cloud solution for global enterprises to manage & optimize influencer campaigns at scale. We have global relationships with companies such as Mattel, Disney, Tiffany & Co, Airbnb, CVS, Dell, Edelman, Creative Artist Agency, and many more.

Our headquarters is in Los Angeles and we have offices in New York, Chicago, London and Kharkiv.

Stay at the Forefront

We understand the importance of cutting-edge technologies to our work. We encourage the use and adoption of new and exciting tools, frameworks, and methodologies. By leading with innovation, we can guarantee excellent results to our clients.

Open to Challenges

We strive to constantly improve our work and readily take on new opportunities. We believe that by tackling challenges in creative ways, we grow as problem-solvers and sculptors of success.

Keep Leveling Up

Our developers are the heart and soul of our company. CreatorIQ believes in providing our team with all sorts of support and education, from language classes to mentorship programs to access to educational events.

Nurture Passion

We invest in our employee’s enthusiasm and happiness. Whether it’s a change of a project or a new technology to learn — CreatorIQ is ready to light (and grow!) your fire.

Communicate Freely

We want to hear what you have to say. At CreatorIQ, you can talk to anyone at any time — no waiting, no politics, no red tape. Share your ideas — together, we will come up with the best way to realize them.