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20 марта 2021

Team Lead / Senior Data Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев $6000–8000

Необходимые навыки

• BSc/MSc in Computer Sciences, or equivalent
• 4+ years of Software Development (preferably in Java/Scala/Python)
• Very good understanding of data modeling, ETL processes, BI practices and concepts, building and designing data warehouse.
• Hands-on experience in building production services end-to-end — including architecture design, research, development, testing, deployment and monitoring.
• Our technological stack (experience on these technologies will be considered as an advantage):
o Java/Scala/Python as the main development language.
o AWS as the cloud provider
o Databases — Postgres, Redshift, S3
o We like serverless — lambdas, step functions and anything that speeds up our development practice
• High-level English — a must.


We’re looking for a Senior Data Developer to help us grow our data engineering team’s capabilities. The ideal candidate is a developer who is self-driven, motivated, independent, and sharp.

Responsibilities and Duties:
• You will receive end-to-end ownership in the engineering of big data infrastructure.
• Streamlining the process of acquiring and processing data of any type on the cloud, and making it a commodity for any person and process in the company.
• Building ETL solutions with a strong understanding of ETL concepts and the ability to apply those concepts broadly across multiple technologies.
• Working with Analysts and Business stakeholders to translate functional specifications into technical designs for implementation and deployment.
• Maintaining and evolving the company cloud-based data warehouse.

О проекте

Our client Endotech Ltd. was established in Israel in 2012 by Dr. Anna Becker, who has a PhD in
Artificial Intelligence from the renowned Technion — Israel Institute of Technology. The company
developed in implemented artificial intelligence solutions in different industries from medicine
to marketing and trading. Since, various companies, hedge funds and banks all over the world
enjoy the benefits of the automation driven by the AI.
In 2018 an investment was attracted to develop an eponymous webapp ( to
provide algorithmic trading of cryptocurrencies and auto-execution of its orders. The initial
release was made in March 2018, orders execution was released few months later.
The product had 2 business-model changes (monthly/annual subscription > shuttles + DAISY
clients) and has a legacy code since.
The shuttles model was introduced in spring 2020 (first launch in March 2020) and took place of
subscription model. Shuttle is a form of massive group trading when hundreds/thousands of
retail customers connect to the same strategy/portfolio to increase each other’s profit. The
connection was made automated but requires improvements.
Currently, the website is outdated on client side as well as on back end, due to the pace we
kept last year while switching between models to satisfy our partners’ and clients’ needs.

In September 2020 we launched development of the new promising project — DAISY.GLOBAL
that has made headlines in both fintech and marketing industries. Its structure is unprecedently
transparent being based on smart-contract, and referral program is sophisticated but
The system allows retail traders to benefit from massive group trading from Endotech, and also
be rewarded for inviting other retail traders from all over the world. The trading volume that
Endotech gathers will serve as a perfect backtesting material for super-intelligence.
The initial release was made in January 2021, and the audience had such a rush to join that
system revealed multiple bugs, and is currently under development to be more stable and
scalable. Currently there are more than active 50 000 clients, and a few thousands more await
impatiently the new release.

TEAM (March 2021)
In total: 50+ teammates including R&D, Development, Trading Desk, Sales, Marketing, QA,
Support teams. We actively hire so the number is growing weekly.
Development: 10+ developers and the number is growing weekly.