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  • Gaming platform core development.
  • Golang Developer Киев
    Influ2 is a US-based startup leveraging advanced adtech technology stack combined with stochastic algorithms to offer ultra-precise advertising targeting. Influ2 customers list include Veeam, Acronis, People.ai, Pandadoc to name a few.
  • MS SQL DBA Киев
    Cloud-based internet security solution. Cyren uses its extensive cloud-based detection capabilities to power an advanced suite of SaaS security solutions that protect businesses when they use the internet.
  • Product description: Lightweight, secure and verifiable Proof of Location (PoL) protocol on the blockchain, dedicated to securing device location verifiable way, with help of mobile phone sensors, time tracking and witnessing (device-to-device interaction).
  • Creative Quarter is the first in Ukraine chain of creative office spaces with a large set of operating services. We provide beautiful, functional, collaborative, high-energy workspaces, event halls and lounge-zones in best central locations of Kiev.
  • CQ — is a chain of creative office spaces, provides beautiful, functional workspaces, managed infrastructure services and progressive sales engine.