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It is so nice to meet you!
An enthusiastic team with a common passion for travel is being leaded by cartoon hero — Crazy Llama , most of us have a background in travel, airlines, and in building travel IT products.
Crazy Llama’s idea to come together to improve the travel experience for others using our combined knowledge, because he wants you to bother less about the stress of traveling, and enjoy instead, all of the fun that it offers!
Here to give you the joy of travel without the added stress.
Crazy Llama, here to put the ease and enjoyment in our travel experience. No more fussing and over-scheduling. Crazy Llama is the friendly Market Place to turn your busy days into fun, and sweep your travel worries away.
We believe that travel is necessary for personal development. We also believe that it should be as easy and affordable as possible. With our help, you can be chilling and relaxing on the other side of the world in no time at all, sipping on juice and snap, snapping awesome selfies to share with your friends.
Crazy Llama is not only about cheap flights, we use only cutting edge technology, to provide the customers with a unique and wholesome travel experience, from flight booking to other aspects of their journey. We have numerous services for our customers. Tickets, meals, bags, parking, expedited check-in service; whatever your travel needs, name it and Crazy Llama will be right on it.
Keep in mind:
Crazy Llama is not arrogant, but very polite to all his customers
Crazy Llama is prompt with his services
Crazy Llama designed all the best features, all in one place.

Wow, you’ve read this far :О Join him, he is cool!