🟠 At COXIT, we provide consulting and outsourcing services in the development and optimization of backend systems. COXIT stands out due to its narrow expertise in tech stack and its focus on the quality of written code — for us, that indicates compliance with modern standards and latest practices.
4 березня 2023

Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Львів $5000–7000

🟠 Details:

Our client is the largest manufacturer of commercial casework and architectural millwork in the United States. In 2015 the company was recognized as one of the fastest-growing wood manufacturers in the United States. This project aims to minimize the time needed to detect and emphasize certain categories of objects and text in architectural drawings.

🟠 Qualifications:

— At least 5 years of experience in Computer Vision and Deep Learning for object detection and tracking along with semantic or instance segmentation either in an academic or industrial domain.
— Experience with classical Computer Vision.
— Experience in different model optimization techniques for deploying on low-end edge devices.
— Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field
— 5+ years of industry experience using the OpenCV library and related tools.
— Deep knowledge of image processing and computer vision.
— Great programming skills in Python and similar languages, with a deep understanding of data structures and algorithms.
— Experience with popular machine learning and deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit.

🟠 Responsibilities:

— Develop computer vision and machine learning applications for data analysis, modeling, and prediction.
— Develop and implement algorithms for object detection, and pattern recognition.
— Design and implement computer vision and machine learning projects
— Develop and test machine learning models to identify patterns and trends in data.
— Create and maintain documentation for software and systems.
— Develop and deploy computer vision algorithms for object detection and tracking, semantic or instance segmentation.
— Optimize models for deployment on low-end edge devices.
— Design and implement computer vision systems and algorithms using the OpenCV library and related tools.
— Develop deep learning models to analyze images.
— Develop algorithms to support various computer vision tasks such as object recognition, face recognition, and object tracking.
— Develop and maintain computer vision software, including debugging, testing, and integration.
— Collaborate with other engineers to ensure the successful deployment of computer vision applications.

🟠 Interview steps:

-Screening with a recruiter (about 30 minutes)
-Interview with CEO (1 hour)
-Paid test task (about 1-2 weeks)

🟠 By joining us, you will get: (May add something special for position)

-Accounting coverage;
-Paid Vacations;
-Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely;
-Best class working equipment (laptop and accessories);
-Good conditions for skills development:
-Possibility to upgrade your English for business needs due to working time and coverage of 50% for studying English
-Offer of Internal WorkShops
-Wellbeing Sessions as One-to-One meetings and coverage of 50% of costs for a psychologist.

🟠 Our office in Lviv:

-FuturaHUB located in Lviv (Kulparkivska 200a);
-An inspiring, modern workplace with a great atmosphere and development culture;
-Free “Happy Hours” parties;
-Free yoga and sports training in FuturaHUB;
-Chillout area: gaming zone with the PlayStations, table tennis & table soccer;
-Free beer, coffee, tea, cookies, etc;
-Conference rooms.

🟠 Some of our Values:

-No overtime and pressure;
-Regular rest, burnouts control;
-Clean relationships within the company and with the client;
-Responsibility for the own development, ideas, and interests communication, as well for the problems that stand in the way of this development;
-Openness to the new, readiness for changes;