Cowchain is a new IT industry generation, breaking old digital foundations.
Mix of experience and freshness, flexibility and responsibility, creativity and ordinariness.

We are tirelessly researching the newest technologies and trying to introduce the latest so that the final product can compete in all metrics and provide the best experience for our clients.

Cowchain is a software and blockchain development company.
Our team works with individuals, startups, small businesses and uses agile methodologies to manage our projects.

We provide our expertise in:
— IT-consulting
— full stack development
— blockchain development
— review, planning and optimization of existing business processes
— startup/product development

Why us:
→ 30+ technologies of programming in our stack
→ team of professional developers
→ regular progress report
→ no bureaucracy
→ with the full development package you will receive your time and money as we have a formed team

We cover:
⬥ .NET
⬥ React
⬥ Node.js
⬥ JavaScript
⬥ Blockchain EVM-compatible chains DApp development
⬥ smart contracts development

Вакансії Cowchain