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Hello and welcome to the next chapter of your professional data security story! 🔐

Learn who we are

Cossack Labs is a British company, headquartered in London, with R&D offices across Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv). We support innovators by protecting innovations. Our data security solutions assist businesses of all sizes and industries protecting their sensitive data against external attackers, insider threats, mis-configurations while remaining compliant with regulations.

Hitch your wagon to a star

Data security is one of the fastest-growing global industry sectors, and Cossack Labs is on top of it. You’ll be on the cutting edge of technologies and interesting projects, working with highly professional peers who really care about making the world a better and more secure place.

Here are some case studies of our regular work, written from an engineer’s point of view:

Where you’ll have an effect

The Cossack Labs’ mission is to make strong security methodologies and approaches workable within modern infrastructures.

Our data security solutions work conveniently for large enterprises, startups, and tech-savvy SMEs from healthcare, IoT, power grid operators, payment processors, fintech, legal companies, million-user customer applications, decentralized finance systems, AI / ML, and other industries.

Our cryptographic tools take care of encryption, key management, access control, intrusion detection, and accountable logging, giving our customers the peace of mind that their data is protected and they can focus on growing their own businesses. We cut through complexity and find ways to bring the best from applied cryptography and pragmatic security to help our customers solve their real-life problems.

Whom you will work with

We are a small, human-centered, curious, and meticulous team of experienced security auditors, academic cryptographers, software and security engineers.

We work on cryptographic R&D (, maintain free open source software (, share engineering experience in blog posts ( and at conferences (, and volunteer to help Ukrainian companies improve their security resilience during warfare.

Each of us has unique skill sets, we value and support each other. We keep a close eye on industry developments, and even our mascot chameleon Felix, aka junior research fellow, is in charge of the biweekly developer-aware security newsletter, Shift Security Left. Our mission would be impossible without a brilliant engineering force, and we’re looking to grow it.

Check if our expectations match

We hire smart people who enjoy challenging work and trust them to do the right thing. As an engineer, you’ll be involved in making tactical and strategic business decisions, as well as ongoing internal learning and growth.

We offer competitive compensation with a flexible bonus scheme and encourage learning while keeping schedules, reporting, and bureaucracy at a reasonable minimum. When things go wrong, we help rather than punish.

Check out our open positions and apply!

If you’re interested in joining us, start the conversation with your CV. We’d love to see links to the public code you authored and learn more about your interests. A supporting letter would be helpful, but it is not required.

🚨 You might be a perfect fit for us even if not everything in a vacancy applies to you. Get in touch if you think you’re a good fit!

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