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Cossack Labs is a British company, headquartered in London, with R&D office in Kyiv, Ukraine. Cossack Labs provides data security solutions helping companies to protect their sensitive data against external attackers, insiders, mis-configurations and to be compliant with regulations.

Data security is one of the fastest-growing global industry sectors and Cossack Labs is on its top. Our cryptographic tools care of encryption, key management, access control, intrusion detection, accountable logging, enabling our customers to focus on building their own business with confidence that data security has been taken care of.

Cossack Labs’ mission is to make strong security methodologies and approaches convenient within modern infrastructures. Our data security solutions work for large enterprises, startups, and tech-savvy SMEs from healthcare, financing, embedded finance, traditional and unbundled banking, modern fintech, critical infrastructures, and other industries. We innovate in applied cryptography, usability, convenience, and approaches to solving customers’ real-life problems, cutting through complexity.

We are a small, human-friendly team, that combines experienced security auditors, academic cryptographers, software and security engineers. We work on cryptographic R&D (, support free open source software (, share engineering experience in blog posts ( and talks ( Each of us has a unique combination of skills and knowledge, we value and support each other.

Our mission would be impossible without a brilliant engineering force, and we’re looking to grow it.

We hire smart people and trust them to do the right thing. Our engineers are an important part of tactical and strategical business decisions and have internal learning and growth all the time. Schedule, reporting, bureaucracy is kept at a reasonable minimum. When things go wrong, we help rather than punish.

As for the benefits, we provide competitive compensation with a flexible bonus scheme, encouraging learning and sharing with the community.

If you see yourself in, start the conversation with your CV. If there is public code you authored (or co-authored) you’re especially proud of, links would be much appreciated. A supporting letter would help to introduce you but is not necessary. You can be a perfect fit for us even if not everything we’ve outlined in a vacancy applies to you. If you see yourself fit, get in touch!