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Founded on April 1, 2015, Corewide has firmly established its mark in the dynamic DevOps landscape. Driven by a team of DevOps and automation professionals, we’re all about precision, speed, and engineering finesse. Our commitment is to deliver impeccable DevOps services each time, every time.
Our suite of services is as extensive as it is profound. From setting up the infrastructure, weaving tailored CI/CD pipelines to cloud cost optimization, and offering unrivaled SRE services — we’ve got it all under one roof. Through the years, our collaborations with startups and SME sectors, eCommerce, media, fintech, and logistics have painted a vivid picture of our versatility.
To us at Corewide, DevOps is more than coding and operations; it’s a mindset, a philosophy. Central to this is seamless communication. This belief anchors our adoption of HumanOps as a foundational policy. Remember, it’s not just about systems, it’s about the dynamic minds behind them. Our team is the embodiment of this synergy — a harmonious mix of tech-savvy, accountability, keen business sense, and unwavering dependability.
Precision isn’t just in our solutions but also in our documentation. Comprehensive, current, and clear, our records let you trace our every step, offering the freedom to pick up precisely where we left off. This meticulous approach is more than a practice; it’s a promise to ensure that each solution we deploy is a notch above the last.
While some might debate the confines of perfection, at Corewide, we believe in stretching horizons. Our ethos remains clear: The sky isn’t our limit; it’s our starting point. Every day, the Corewide team hone their skills, ensuring that what we deliver isn’t just solutions but perfection tailored for your business.
At Corewide, we don’t just follow the DevOps wave; we set its direction.
Reach out to us, and let’s navigate the future together.