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Corewide is a DevOps service company founded on April 1, 2015 (yup, that’s not a joke). Having started from QA and automation services, we gradually discovered the power of DevOps as a service and eventually switched our focus to it in 2019.

At Corewide, we believe DevOps to be a philosophy, not just a set of practices or a person (for God’s sake). Our expertise varies from basic infrastructure operations to setting up and automating custom CI/CD pipelines. We embrace HumanOps as the company’s policies foundation and keep in mind that people building systems are their essential parts, so we take exceptional care of them accordingly.

The benefits Corewide offers include but are not limited to the health insurance, sports or education budget, remote-first approach, family atmosphere. We are interested in your professional growth and development within our team, so you’ll be working on nontrivial tasks using cutting-edge technologies.

Join our team — we bet you’ll feel inspired and motivated with us every day!