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CopeCart is a German company with the dev&support center in Lviv (Ukraine).

The company provides its clients with first-class e-commerce solutions.

CopeCart founders are German marketing specialists whose idea was to create an online platform that could help Vendors to manage and optimize the product sale process without leaving their home. And that is exactly what CopeCart does: it allows Vendors to forget about boring and time-consuming paperwork, thus focusing entirely on their business goals.

We are not just a dashing online-based Sales&Payments platform, or responsive support, or a well-run team. We also stand for flexible thinking, creativity, German pragmatism, and Ukrainian ingenuity.

Here at CopeCart, we focus not on our income, but rather on making our clients happy with the opportunities our system provides.

We may not be perfect.

We’re just better than others.

Оценка компании: 98/100

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