is in the top-10 conversion optimization (CRO) agencies in Europe based on the volume of clients’ traffic (we run A/B tests on 64 million monthly users). Worked with Microsoft, unicorns, YC startups, $100+ million e-commerce business. We serve clients from 24 countries.
23 січня 2023

Communications Media Manager (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

About Conversion Rate Store:

1. Conversion Rate Store is among the top-5 CRO agencies in the world according to the largest rating of agencies in the world.
2. Our clients include Microsoft, Depositphotos, Prom, Comodo, Ukrainian International Airlines, SamCart, CariD, Auto Ria, Preply, Multiplex and Syte.
3. We are the only CRO agency in the world that takes commitment to deliver result for our clients. Our processes are so strong that we can commit to specific uplift of a specific key metrics like conversion rate, average revenue per user or churn rate.
4. We are very ethics-driven. We won’t service any company that doesn’t create value for humankind and environment. We don’t work with porn, casinos, dating, drug selling stores, forexes, binary options and other sites that make money on human weaknesses.
5. We have a business-class office in central Kyiv that has security, stable internet connection and electricity.

We’re looking for a Communications Media Manager to join our team!


  1. Generate topics about subjects related to Conversion Rate Store (CRS) agency’s operations that the relevant media outlets in the US, UK, and Australia would be eager to cover. Example of a topic: “What tactics eComm companies are effectively using in 2023 to compel you to buy”. Example of media outlets: The Verve, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, etc.
  2. Create a work plan for writers to create content that would later be used to entice media outlets to publish it.
  3. Proactively encourage and manage the publication of content generated by CRS’s content team in the relevant media outlets in the US, UK, and Australia. We are talking about purely editorial content, not a paid-to-publish content.
  4. Arrange the publication of commentaries and quotes from CRS founders on topics relevant to CRS’s operations and core competences — CRO, UX/UI/copywriting optimization, experimentation (e.g. A/B testing), eComm, SaaS, LeadGen, Marketplaces, Shopify, etc.
  5. Create an active dialogue with journalists and bloggers to monitor their necessity in any content (relevant and beneficial to our agency comments, researches and case studies).
  6. Arrange participation of founders in relevant podcasts and conferences. These podcasts and conferences must be in English and their audience must be primarily in the US, UK and Australia.

Experience required:

  1. Successful case studies of negotiating publications of free editorial content in some of the top relevant media (marketing/eComm/start-up/tech).
  2. Successful case studies of proactively negotiating a commentary or quote from his top management in the relevant media.
  3. If you don’t have the experience above but we will see during the interview that you have the capacity and energy to acquire this experience, we will consider your application.

Required qualities/assets:

  1. Excellent speaking and writing English, that would allow you to freely communicate with journalists, bloggers in English, and professionally and critically assess the quality of written content created by writers for Communications Manager.
  2. A list of contact details of relevant journalists/bloggers/podcasts in relevant popular media (marketing/eComm/start-up/tech) covering topics relevant to CRS’s operations and core competence — CRO, UX/UI/copywriting optimization, experimentation (eg. A/B testing), eComm, SaaS, LeadGen, Marketplaces, Shopify, etc. Other topics that may also be applicable technology in eComm, startups, creating an agency, etc. A good working relationship with these journalists/bloggers/podcasts is a big advantage.
  3. A sound personalized methodology for approaching relevant journalists/bloggers/podcasts to offer content and commentaries from CRS’s founders for publication.
  4. Good working relationship with relevant to CRS’s operations and core competences journalists, podcast hosts, and conference organizers in the US, UK, Australia.
  5. You must be an effective seller of ideas and topics for publication to the relevant journalist, podcast hosts and conference organizers.
  6. Proficiency in digital marketing. Profound understanding of processes involved in CRO, PPC, SEO and SMM.