is in the top-10 conversion optimization (CRO) agencies in Europe based on the volume of clients’ traffic (we run A/B tests on 64 million monthly users). Worked with Microsoft, unicorns, YC startups, $100+ million e-commerce business. We serve clients from 24 countries.
22 лютого 2023

Project Manager (A/B testing on 64m users) (вакансія неактивна)


Необхідні навички

— More than 2 years of experience in project / account management with foreign clients
— Perfect communication, time management and problem-solving skills
— A profound understanding of Google Analytics or other web analytics tools
— Understanding of statistics and data analysis
— Scope management and negotiation skills
— Solid experience in managing web development and QA
— Strong understanding of usability and UX best practices
— Fluent written and spoken English
— Highly responsible.

Буде плюсом

— Experience in A/B testing, preferably working in Google Optimize or other client-side A/B testing tools like Optimizely, Convert, VWO or others
— Technical background: the ability to be engaged in technical discussions with the client, project team and management.


— Direct, positive and visible impact on 64 million monthly users
We increased the total e-commerce market volume in Ukraine, childbirth in Australia, and scaled hundreds of products that make REAL VALUE to users.
We don’t work with harmful, unethical products such as online casinos, betting, forex, or products that simply have no value such as online games regardless of the client’s budget.
— 100% data-driven culture
We don’t make ANY decisions without data behind it. All of your best hypotheses will be A/B tested and you’ll see the results. Our product analysts often have more impact on product A/B testing decisions than our agency or clients’ management. We don’t tolerate hypotheses that are based only on vision, opinions, experience or best practices. ONLY DATA. Sounds good?
— Competitive salary and bonuses based on experiments growth results
— Access to the best online courses and research in conversion rate optimization and growth hacking
— Work/life balance and mindfulness classes. Our co-founder learned mindfulness from Bill Duane, who managed mindfulness programs at Google
— Office in a penthouse with a stunning view over the heart of Kyiv, 3 minutes walk to Klovska metro.


— Managing projects with existing customers
— Managing customer expectations
— Analyze A/B test results and discuss them with clients
— Managing teams of developers to deliver experiments based on tech specs
— Managing QA Engineers to identify potential bugs and functionality issues in each experiment
— Managing a data tracking Engineer to make sure that every user interaction and micro conversion is tracked within the experiment according to the specs
— Optimizing development team workflow to keep the costs of developing the experiment within its budget
— Identifying all client requirements and incorporating them into the setup of the experiment to achieve a statistically significant result for the experiment
— Launching experiments in Google Optimize and monitoring the performance of alternative variations in Google Optimize, Google Analytics and video session recordings for immediate reactions if data anomalies or bugs are identified.

Про проєкт is in the TOP-5 conversion optimization (CRO) agencies in the US, based on the client’s traffic volume. We run A/B tests on 64 million active monthly users for Microsoft, unicorns (PapayaGlobal, RevolutionGolf), Y Combinator alumni startups. We’re not a development outsourcing — our product team makes all decisions based on data and A/B test that

In Ukraine, we worked with Depositphotos, MacPaw (Setapp), Crello,, Skylum, Preply, Ukrainian International Airlines, Multiplex, Eldorado and Auto.ria