is in the top-10 conversion optimization (CRO) agencies in Europe based on the volume of clients’ traffic (we run A/B tests on 127 million monthly users). Worked with Microsoft, unicorns, YC startups, $100+ million e-commerce business. We serve clients from 24 countries.
17 декабря 2020

Product/CRO Manager (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

1) proven track-record in testing hypotheses and growing product conversion rates, LTV
2) advanced web-analytics skills;
3) experience with qualitative UX-research;
4) experience in A/B testing;
5) understanding of A/B testing statistics;
6) strong understanding of monetization, CRO and UX best practices;
7) excellent communication skills;
8) advanced English (A1).


1) Direct, positive, and visible impact on 127 million monthly users.
We increased the total e-commerce market volume in Ukraine, childbirth in Australia, and scaled hundreds of products that create REAL VALUE to users. Don’t work with harmful, non-ethical products such as online-casinos, betting, forex, etc, or products that simply have no value such as online-games.

2) Ownership and freedom.
You’ll make all decisions on how to grow a client’s product, communicate it to clients based on data, A/B test your hypothesis, and will see the impact in a few weeks.

3) Competitive salary and bonuses based on experiments growth results;

4) Access to best online-courses and research in conversion rate optimization and growth hacking;

5) Exceptional clients like Microsoft, Y Combinator alumni startups and e-commerce industry leaders in 24 countries;

6) Work-life balance. Mindfulness and yoga classes. Our co-founder learned Mindfulness from Bill Duane, who managed Mindfulness programs at Google.

7) Office in a penthouse with a stunning view on the heart of Kyiv, 3 minutes walk to m. Klovska


1) conduct and manage qualitative and quantitative research to find the hypothesis on how to increase client’s product conversion rates or other needed metrics;
2) create tech specs for A/B tests development of your hypotheses;
3) communications with clients

О проекте is in the top-10 conversion optimization (CRO) agencies in Europe based on the volume of clients traffic (we run A/B tests on 127 million client’s monthly active users). Worked with Microsoft, Comodo, Y Combinator alumni startups.
We serve clients from 24 countries. In Ukraine worked with Depositphotos, MacPaw (Setapp),, Skylum, Preply, Ukrainian International Airlines, Multiplex, Eldorado, Auto.ria